Personal Injury Attorney Reflects On Deadliest Drunk Driving Crash

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According to USA Today, the deadliest drunk driving crash in the US happened on May 14, 1988, when a drunk driver slammed into a school bus and killed 25 children. See link below. The bus caught fire and an additional 67 were injured, some with horrific burns. The crash brought about changes in the design of school buses and the equipment carried on board. Most importantly, the crash changed the way people viewed drunk driving. Many of us have been out, had a drink, and then decided we were okay to drive home. We forget that our logic and reasoning are compromised by the alcohol, so that we think we are okay to drive when we truly are not. Please don’t drink and drive – even if you think you are okay.

If you are injured in an accident by a drunk driver, Virginia law allows punitive damages in addition to damages for your injuries if the drunk driver’s BAC was .15 or higher. Punitive damages aren’t only to punish the drunk driver but also to send a message to the community – we won’t abide drunk driving here!

Source: USA Today, “Survivors recal deadliest drunken driving crash,” May 12, 2013

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2 Responses to Personal Injury Attorney Reflects On Deadliest Drunk Driving Crash

  1. Todd Davis says:

    Sad, sad story and something I hate to hear about. More action needs to be taken to cut down on drunk driving.

  2. Wow. I will definitely be doing research about this accident. Thanks for sharing. It was really informative.

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