Short Sale Service Announcement

Now Offering New Solution to Major “Short Sale” Hurdle – Obtaining Lender Approval for the Realtor and Seller

The “Short Sale” of a property is overwhelming for everyone involved, especially when working with the lenders. Our firm has created a new process to assist Realtors and Sellers in obtaining short sale lender approval. By bringing us on board early, we can answer the legal questions up front, prepare and submit the short sale application and negotiate directly with the short sale lenders – less stress, faster results.

Realtors do their best by listing, marketing, and selling the property. We do our best by repeatedly negotiating with short sale lenders. With all of us doing what we do best, the short sale can be completed as smoothly and quickly as possible for the seller and buyer. Happier clients mean better word of mouth, and this leads to more referrals for everyone!

Why bring us on board now:

• We have the experience and knowledge of numerous successful short sale transactions.
• We offer legal advice as needed from the listing to the sale.
• We will prepare and submit the short sale package under our legal letterhead.
• We order a title search to disclose any unknown liens, judgments, or debt. If there is a problem, we can  address it right away!
• We work directly with the lender in negotiating the short sale approval.
• We understand and research the ever changing Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (“HAFA”) laws.
• We prepare the legal documents for closing.
• We have two full time paralegals available to answer all of your short sale questions.
• Last but not least, we try to make the short sale process as easy as possible, and provide peace of mind to you and your clients in these trying times.

The cost to clients:

TGB will provide these services for a legal fee which will be approved and paid by the short sale lender. The Seller only pays a $300 up-front administrative fee to cover expenses (title search, etc). The Seller is not required to pay any additional legal fees.

Please contact us today to find out more:

Ingrid Strydom: 434-951-0849
Julie Hutchins: 434-951-0861

Tucker Griffin Barnes P.C.
Charlottesville, VA


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