Injured in an auto accident?

Involved in an automobile accident? Do not sign consent forms for the at-fault driver’s insurance company:

Often the insurance company will ask you to sign a form giving them permission to obtain your medical records and bills. These “consent forms” can allow the insurance company to look at your past medical records as well as the records related to your accident. You do not want an insurance company to tell you that they are not going to pay for your injuries because you were injured years before. Talk with an attorney before signing any forms.

As usual, every situation has exceptions.  Consult with a Charlottesville lawyer to get the full details.

Firm Partner

  Yvonne T. Griffin, Partner

  Personal Injury Attorney
  Tucker Griffin Barnes P.C.
  Charlottesville, Virginia

About Charlotteville Personal Injury Attorney

Personal Injury attorney helping people injured in automobile, truck or mortorcycle accidents.
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