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First Night Virginia Announces its 2009 Board of DirectorsFirst Night Virginia announced Wednesday, June 18, 2008, the completion and expansion of its Board of Directors for the 2008-09 First Night event, including the addition of eight new members.

“We are extremely pleased to welcome to our Board – Ms. Bruce Costabile, Mr. Jay Crawford, Ms. Karen Davis, Ms. Billie Dietz, Mr. Matt Rohdie, Mr. Marc Turner, Mr. Drake Van de Castle and Ms. Patricia Wolfgram,” says Joan Horn, 2009 FNV President. “Their experience and knowledge will be an invaluable asset as our Board and the First Night event continues to grow. Joining our existing Board members, these individuals provide a great deal of depth to our abilities and talents, which, in turn, enables us to improve and expand nearly every aspect of the First Night experience – for our thousands of guests, for our hundreds of performers and for our community of volunteers.”

Longstanding members include VP Jennifer McCune, Secretary Andrea Bledsoe, Treasurer Mike Griffin, Annick Salomon, Chauncey Hutter, Judy Malone, Bob Mosolgo, and Carrie Taylor. Two part-time staff members include Executive Director Barbara Lundgren and Booking/Production Manager Chris Munson.First Night Virginia enters its 27th year by celebrating a “Night of Possibility” on the Historic Downtown Mall, and remains a family-friendly, alcohol-free event that is fun for all ages.

posted by Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce @ 7:45 AM


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